Live TV Stream

Remote Studio

By SpinOff

We have partnered up with Ealing Studios and TallAudio, in order to have the capabilities to remote broadcast and mix a live TV show, live advert, web series, gig, or multiple live UGC channels, all interacting seamlessly in real time, with full HD TV and Sound.

Using up to 16 remote locations, the unique offering includes a set up with live recording on brand new sanitised iPhone 11’s, earpieces and a setup that is delivered to your home, with direction from vision and sound mixers, producers and directors all working as if in a traditional broadcast studio setting.

This remote production service ranges from a single camera OB to a large multi-camera event. All remote productions are delivered to the same high standard as a traditional outside broadcast setup with no compromise on production while significantly reducing personnel and equipment sent on locations.

And it can safely transmit anywhere in the UK using all national network TV channels by the BT Tower. Bad Wifi? No problem – we can send out a remote antenna that pulls from all mobile broadcasters near you to bolster your signal.

Key benefits of remote production
Sustainable broadcasting
Global reach
Centralised resources
Low latency

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