People + Planet

We refuse to be a problem to the planet

Our aim is to give back to the planet and not take away from it. This means committing to zero waste, environmentally sustainable productions, and being a climate positive company by the end of 2022, where we’ll remove more carbon from the world than we produce.


  • Reducing our carbon emissions wherever possible, and only offsetting if necessary
  • Transparent reporting of our carbon use
  • Net zero office and low carbon remote working
  • Choosing renewable energy sources for our productions
  • Avoiding air travel and using public transport and electric cars where possible
  • Avoiding an excessive use of production materials on our sets
  • Reducing waste, reusing and recycling whatever possible
  • Paperless productions, offices and home working
  • Avoiding single use plastics
  • Choosing plant based catering
  • Rehoming leftovers by donating to partner charities
  • Having a trained Green Steward on our shoots

Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not

Our vision is to improve the pathway into production for those from lower socio-economic backgrounds and under-represented groups. We know there’s more we can do and new stories to tell. Off-screen inclusion will drive on-screen representation.


  • Spindle is an anti-racist organisation. We will call out and act on racism wherever we see it
  • A minimum of three department heads or creative leadership roles from under-represented groups on each project
  • A minimum of six roles in the production team from under-represented groups
  • On-set director shadowing scheme for people from under-represented groups
  • Annual mentorship programs offered with a senior leader from within the business
  • 50-50 director gender balance by end of 2025
  • 20%+ directors identifying as belonging to an under-represented ethnic group by end of 2025
  • 10%+ directors identifying as LGBTQ+ by end of 2025
  • 30%+ directors based in UK outside of London by end of 2025
  • Review and annually publish the makeup of our directors roster to ensure progress is being made