Tam Tam wins Gold at Kinsale Shark Awards

September 19th, 2019

‘Tam Tam – Outside the Lines’ won GOLD at Kinsale Shark Awards for Best Documentary Short. Huge congratulations to all involved.

Directed by Greg Hackett, this short film documents the frustrating situation of an Italian basketball team. Their skills could top the league but Italy refuses them access to compete, as immigration rights mean they aren’t seen as citizens.

Also, congratulations are in order for The Coles for their Best Direction nomination at Kinsale for their short film, Present Day Athens, which follows a local sheriff and his unique approach to his duties in the dusty, forgotten town of Athens, Texas.

Watch Tam Tam here

Watch Present Day Athens here


The Coles join Spindle for UK representation

September 16th, 2019

We are absolutely delighted to announce the addition of comedy and performance directing duo The Coles to our UK roster.

The Coles, siblings Sophie and Walker, are known for their bold, contemporary storytelling. Their work has a confidence of pace that allows their sophisticated cinematic visuals, striking casting and nuanced humour to really breathe.

Born in Manhattan, they were raised on set in a filmmaking family and spent vacations and days off from school PA-ing and assisting on various commercial projects. After graduating, Sophie began working as a costume designer on films and commercials, and Walker worked as an art dealer in LA. However, after collaborating together on a film project, they found their individual talents complimented each other perfectly, and joined forces as a directing duo in 2016.

The Coles first gained industry attention for a series of impressive spec commercials for the likes of Evian, Nike and Campari, which showcased their unique perspective and fresh aesthetic. They have a gone on to create various acclaimed commercials, including Tomme Tippee ‘Everywhere You Look’, and most recently broadened their portfolio with short film ‘Present Day Athens’, which takes an irreverent look at a day in the life of a local sheriff in the dusty, forgotten town of Athens, TX.

Check out their work here.

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