Molly Burdett’s Age UK wins at Sharks

October 17th, 2023

Well done to Molly Burdett, whose film ‘If Only You Knew’ for Age UK has picked up two awards at Kinsale Sharks 23.

It bagged Silver for Best Performance Direction and Bronze in Best Artiste Performance. The film spotlights unseen issues many older people face in ‘If Only You Knew’. Inspired by real stories from the Age UK advice line, the powerful film places a stark focus on those suffering in silence.

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LIAKH shortlisted for Young Arrows Best New Director

October 17th, 2023

Big love to LIAKH who’s made the Young Arrows shortlist for Best New Director, with his film ‘Dear Art’.

The playful multi-media film ‘Dear Art’, made for Sainsbury Centre, speaks directly to all misunderstood, unloved and ignored pieces of art around the world. It invites them to join an alternative collection that recognises art as being alive. The film was made to celebrate the Sainsbury Centre’s 50th anniversary, where they are breaking tradition and reconceptualising what a museum is with their interactive exhibition, ‘Living Art’. 

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