The Howl and The Hum featured on Boooooom TV

June 17th, 2020

The Roosens latest promo ‘Hostages’ for Howl and The Hum has been selected to feature on Boooooom TV.

Hostages, set in present-day Antwerp, Belgium, and filmed during lockdown on 16mm, is break-up story for our times. It marks the end of a relationship, where an ex-couple share the awkward ritual of meeting to return the other’s possessions.

Watch the bittersweet break-up story here

Daniel Lundh joins Spindle

June 1st, 2020

We are incredibly excited to announce that director Daniel Lundh has joined Spindle as our newest signing – a comedy filmmaker that succeeds in the tricky task of making genuinely funny films; through great timing, brilliant performances and finding those characters you can’t take your eyes off!⁣

His comic versatility, casting and style has seen him create work for Adidas, IKEA, Microsoft, Google to name a just a few. ⁣

Daniel just has funny bones and we cant wait to help him make some properly hilarious, weird AF films in the UK and Amsterdam. ⁣

Check out his work here

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