Producer call out!

August 19th, 2022

We’re on the lookout for a Producer to join the team. A problem solver who’s motivated, organised and has a big helping of hustle.

Any candidate must be passionate and invested in our People + Planet commitments. This is a great opportunity for anyone at a PM to Producer level, and you’d be coming in to work closely with our Head of Music and EPs, to produce promos and commercials to a high production standard.

To apply, please contact

Spencer MacDonald awarded a Vimeo Best Of The Year 2022

August 19th, 2022

Big well done to Spencer MacDonald, whose cut for Swiss Tourism ‘Even If It Takes A While’ will wear a coveted Best of the Year badge, within the Best Branded section.

The film follows Ivano as he goes hiking. It’s all about how important the natural world can be to help escape a busy mind.

Watch all Best of The Year Staff Picks HERE

Watch ‘Even If It Takes A While’ HERE

Loyle Carner Hate BTS breakdown

August 19th, 2022

We’ve been overwhelmed with questions about how we pulled the HATE video off, so we pulled together a BTS video and had Greg add a little commentary of what went on behind the scenes, which you can read below…

Watch the BTS film on our Instagram HERE

First, it’s worth saying that we wanted the camera enclosed inside the car until the film’s last scene. To do this, we had to CUT a side of one of the cars, and given we were using Loyle’s Dad’s car, Hugo, we needed to get a replica!

The film comprises four unbroken shots, and we broke it up on the day into four sections; First was 1:45 of unbroken performance. We had to time out the entire journey for the low-loader so it would perfectly hit an exact spot for the motion control to be able to take over seamlessly. We had to choreograph the movements of oncoming stunt cars and the antagonist driver off camera, so it will give them the impression he’s getting pissed off by this aggressive driver. We made it difficult for ourselves, though, as we started the shooting day with the Motion control first, meaning we’d have to hit the 1:45 mark where all our Moco shots had already been filmed – it was terrifying.

So, we started with the Motion control. We needed ten accurate passes to get Loyle to leave the car and appear in all three other seats (outside the vehicle and background cars). Let’s say Jim from No.8 helped us nail this here – as we have bright sun for one plate, then rain and clouds for the other 9.

We always planned that the moco arm would whip back to the front, and we would hide a cut into the second verse. From here, Todd hand held the camera, as we wanted a super intuitive and dynamic camera within the car – Todd nailed this with the other three ‘Ben’s’ tussling for control for real in the vehicle as it moved along the road.

The fourth section was the most intense of the day because we’d almost lost all the light and the camera team ran to attach the camera to the pursuit vehicle.

Watch the video for Hate HERE

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