Spindle nominated for seven 1.4 Awards!

April 11th, 2024

Huge congratulations to all of our directors who have made it onto this year’s 1.4 longlist! The categories and nominations are as follows:

‘Flying High’:
Commercial | Greg Hackett | MOJ
Branded Content | Charles Todd | Buying All Black
Branded Content | The Coles | Hanes
Commercial | Daniel Lundh | HP‘

On The Cusp’:
Commercial | Molly Burdett | Age UK
Commercial | LIAKH | SCVA
Music Video | Maxim Kelly | Hot Chip

Molly Burdett wins at Campaign Inspiring Women Awards

March 11th, 2024

Big love to Molly for winning at Campaign Inspiring Women Awards. She was awarded in Rising to the Top – Advertising. The awards ‘honour those women who consistently break new ground and challenge the status quo in the marketing, advertising, media, and technology industries within the UK’.

Sacha Barbin joins Spindle

February 23rd, 2024

Big welcome to Sacha Barbin!

Sacha is known for crafting striking, innovative visuals packed with emotion. Blending technical prowess with a unique sensitivity and ambition, the young Paris-based director has a powerful, cinematic style that has been lauded at D&AD, Club des DA, UKMVA, Camerimage and more.We can’t wait to get going and see what we can create together!

See Sacha’s reel HERE

Mar del Corral joins Spindle

January 23rd, 2024

Huge welcome to Mar del Corral who’s joining the Spindle roster. Mar’s work is informed by an acting background, a passion for honest storytelling and a desire to use her films as a platform for positive change. She champions inclusivity and empowerment, inspiring talent to boldly shine on screen through authentic, impactful performances.

Mar’s sense of empathy combined with her level of care and attention to detail is what makes her visual language so relatable. She delicately walks the line of ‘reality’ embedded in heightened elevation, and her values sit perfectly in line with Spindle.

Watch her work HERE


Molly Burdett’s Age UK wins at Sharks

October 17th, 2023

Well done to Molly Burdett, whose film ‘If Only You Knew’ for Age UK has picked up two awards at Kinsale Sharks 23.

It bagged Silver for Best Performance Direction and Bronze in Best Artiste Performance. The film spotlights unseen issues many older people face in ‘If Only You Knew’. Inspired by real stories from the Age UK advice line, the powerful film places a stark focus on those suffering in silence.

See all the winners HERE



LIAKH shortlisted for Young Arrows Best New Director

October 17th, 2023

Big love to LIAKH who’s made the Young Arrows shortlist for Best New Director, with his film ‘Dear Art’.

The playful multi-media film ‘Dear Art’, made for Sainsbury Centre, speaks directly to all misunderstood, unloved and ignored pieces of art around the world. It invites them to join an alternative collection that recognises art as being alive. The film was made to celebrate the Sainsbury Centre’s 50th anniversary, where they are breaking tradition and reconceptualising what a museum is with their interactive exhibition, ‘Living Art’. 

See the full YA23 list HERE

Animators Eddy sign to spindle

August 22nd, 2023

Animation heavyweights Eddy are the latest signing to Spindle’s eclectic roster of strong creative voices and multi-talented artists.

Eddy is an award winning French production company that represents a host of top tier animation talent from a multitude of backgrounds. The company was established in 2015 by Jean-François Bourrel and Nicolas de Rosanbo to develop audacious 2D, CGI and stop motion animation films.

Eddy’s diverse roster of artists are unified by their bold visual identities, and have individually been making waves across a wide range of global campaigns.

After designing and animating exquisite 2D animation sequences for Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs and The French Dispatch, Parisian creative studio Werlen Meyer have recently created a series of stylish, dreamy commercials for Chanel and an award-winning short film ‘Do Son’ for luxury brand Diptyque.

Clément Soulmagnon’s mastery of fluid animation and stylish transitions make him one of today’s most exciting French filmmaking talents. He is equally happy working in watercolour as in full CGI and is able to infuse colour and personality into any universe he creates. He has directed films for Hermès, Jean Paul Gaultier, Apple and Visa and has won awards at the Annecy film festival and the Art Director’s Club.

Mylène Cagnoli seamlessly combines movement, music and dreaminess in her sensual illustrations. Her films and the powerful characters she conjures often revolve around feminism and queer visibility. She is passionate about Japanese anime and fashion photography – both of these influences are strongly felt in her work. She has already lent her fresh visuals to clients such as Facebook and Gymshark.

Alongside commercial campaigns, Eddy’s roster is no stranger to creating entertainment that leaves a lasting impression. Whether films, music videos, VR, character design or gaming, their collective output cuts through the noise and is packed full of creativity and relevance. 

Turbo Collective employ eye-catching, unexpected humour and razor-sharp attention to detail in their CGI short films ‘Turbopera’ and ‘028’, while both Mathilde Bédouet and Marie Larrivé’s hand-crafted music videos stand out from the crowd. Mathilde’s ‘All I Knew’ for Fastlanes defies the norms of standard rap music videos, and is made up of more than 2000 colour crayon drawings to become a musical outcry against social injustice and violence. While Marie’s psychedelic promo for Sabrina and Samantha ‘Saba’ explodes with joyful energy through hand-drawn felt-tip coloured animation. Working with Lucas Malbrun, the directors imagined a series of metamorphoses from man to beast brought on by a mysterious apocalyptic rainfall. And Olivier Lescot’s obsession with characters has helped receive recognition at the Art Director’s Club and Berlin Music Video awards.

On signing to Spindle

Eddy: The UK advertising market is innovative, risk-taking and exploding with fun and imagination. We’re thrilled to get a foot in the door by joining cutting edge creative production company Spindle. Eddy has always had strong links to the UK, with recent co-productions including Quentin Baillieux’s mixed-media films for Stella Artois and Bentley, Nicos Livesey and Jamie Hewlett’s quirky and aloof Tranz music video for the legendary group Gorillaz or the instant classic Nummer 2 directed by Faux Soleil for Anne Müller. We are delighted to build on these foundations and feel confident that Spindle are the mentors to guide our next steps. Our shared taste has its roots in a shared ethos, the starting point of any fruitful creative collaboration. We feel that our directors have a lot to offer the UK market and look forward to bringing our mutual experience of development and production to bear on future projects. 

Emily Jordan-Wilson (Spindle Head of Sales): It isn’t a coincidence that Eddy are based in Paris, as France is home to the best animation education and artists in the world. Eddy are trailblazers in this area and work hard to grow and nurture talent from all corners of the globe. They have successfully built a production company that creates outstanding output, who share our values, and I can’t wait for you to meet them. The UK aint gnna know what’s hit it.

Watch more of Eddy’s work HERE


Maxim Kelly joins Spindle

August 11th, 2023

We’re thrilled to say Maxim Kelly has joined the roster.

Maxim’s technical and genre-bending work uniquely blends an unconventional and surrealist style with an imaginative approach to mixed-media.

He started his career assisting commercial photographers around studying for his MA at the University of Arts London. After graduating, he moved to New York and worked alongside some of the leading names in New York fashion photography. Then later returning to London, becoming Juergen Teller’s First Assistant for three years. These fine art and fashion worlds opened Maxim’s eyes to the extent of what can be possible creatively and commercially, and led him to finding a new avenue within music videos. His debut promo, made while on a trip to India, attracted attention of various blogs and festivals, and marked Maxim’s arrival as being one to watch.

Since then, he’s gone on to make a name for himself as one of the UK’s most original and exciting promo directors. Embracing an extensive array of genres and influences, his award-winning work displays eccentric creativity and a technically-experimental mindset, while always retaining strong visuals and careful craft.

During the pandemic, Maxim directed a mesmerising, psychedelic trip through the Victorian technique of the phénakisticope for Django Django ‘Spirals’. Followed by an unsettling deepfake video for Shame ‘Nigel Hitter’, that repurposes and reimagines archival footage from old research centres conducting questionable experiments around the development of children. The film went on to be nominated for Best Rock at UKMVA 2021.

Maxim continued this impressive trajectory in 2022, releasing a string of acclaimed promos. His surreal tribute to ’90s rave culture for Belief ‘Dreams’ was nominated and awarded across UKMVAs, Berlin MVAs, Kinsale Sharks and Creative Circle. The film was included in various Best of the Year lists, thanks to its iconic performance and uniquely original, striking visuals.

His unhinged fever dream of a Western for Black Midi ‘Eat Men Eat’ and genre-bending epic for Black Country, New Road ‘Concorde’ both received similar levels of recognition, including multiple wins and nominations at Creative Circle, Shark Awards, 1.4 and UKMVAs, as well as taking up two spots in PromoNews’ Best of 2022 Rock and Alternative list.

Most recently, Maxim released Hot Chip ‘Broken’, that reworks obscure vintage corporate film footage to create an alternative history of computing that sees a robot boyband take the world by storm.

This eclectic and genre-spanning approach can be attributed to Maxim’s lens on the world and how he finds inspiration: “I consume a lot of things, films, art, music, archive footage, and photography books. It’s annoying for everyone around me, every time I look at anything or go anywhere, I’m not really present. Instead, I’m thinking about how I could exploit the situation, experience or content by using it in a film.”

Alongside this impressive collection of promos, Maxim has directed successful campaigns for clients including Nike, Valentino, Linda Farrow, Vogue and Sony. He’s also created Fashion Editorials for Red Thread and Hunger Magazine.

Watch Maxim’s reel HERE

Spindle named AdGreen Superuser

August 2nd, 2023

Spindle was named a 2022 AdGreen Superuser – a Top 10 production company that has been leading the charge in collating and measuring production activities and environmental impact.

We have an in-house Green Steward who monitors our projects to reduce our carbon emissions across every commercial project we work on. This includes using renewable energy sources, paperless productions and offering plant-based catering as standard. We aim to avoid air travel where possible, avoid single use plastics and an excessive use of production materials, and reduce waste; reusing, recycling and rehoming to partner charities. We then collaborate closely with partnering agencies to transparently calculate and report our carbon footprint.

Read more within the AdGreen 2022 Annual Review here

Spindle Launches Open Studios

July 20th, 2023

September 20th sees our first Open Studios event in Shoreditch.

We’re opening our office doors to 25 young people at the start of their filmmaking journeys, to come in and chat to our team about our personal experiences getting into the industry and time in it so far.Spindle was originally founded outside of London with no contacts within the industry, so we know it can feel like a closed door impossible to break down at times.

We want to help improve pathways into production, so we’re welcoming a mix of London-based people and those from further afield around the country, and will cover costs of those travelling. Anyone interested in the chance to come and talk with us, read more on our People + Planet page or contact us at with some info about you

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