Welcome Rosco 5

November 20th, 2019

We are absolutely delighted to announce that award-winning comedy writers and directors Rosco 5 have joined Spindle.

Rosco 5 are Behnam Taheri and Gideon Beresford. Their lens on the world brilliantly transforms observations of the everyday and mundane into surreal comedy short films and commercials.

They first gained industry attention with ‘Open Wide’, made for Channel 4’s Random Acts. The NSFW comedy short, starring Robin Soans, definitely has a happy ending, where a man doesn’t expect his visit to the dentist to take such a startling, and perhaps satisfying, turn. The film has been receiving wide acclaim across the festival circuit, most recently being awarded Best Dark Comedy Film at the Houston Comedy Film Festival.

Their most recent short film, ‘Insecurity Questions’, stars Kiell Smith-Byone (Channel 4’s Stath Lets Flats) as Spencer, who is trying to get through to his bank, but the updated security questions force him to reflect on some of his biggest flaws. It features a cast of some of comedy’s most exciting new talent and has been widely praised on the festival circuit, most recently picking up a win at one of the world’s most respected short film awards, Discover.Film.

Alongside commercial projects, the duo are also in development with two of their original television series and a Lee Anderson feature script.

Check out their work here.

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