Spindle introduces SpinOff

March 31st, 2020

Spindle has created our new initiative SpinOff: a network of collaborators that are able to provide a range of isolation-friendly solutions to briefs, all brought together through Spindle’s creative and agile lens.

SpinOff is able to find creative solutions to meet your content needs in response to the evolving agency and brand landscape.

We have built a team of self-shooting directors and DOPs with studio access, table-top specialists, editors with award-winning archive and found footage experience, mixed-media animators and more. We have partnered with TallAudio and Ealing Studios, which have the capabilities to remote broadcast and mix a live TV show, live advert, web series, gig or multiple live UGC channels all interacting seamlessly in real time, as well as FilmSupply; a full-service licensing agency, who work with leading filmmakers to create a highly curated catalog of exceptional footage.

Creative problem solving, safely.

Tam Tam featured in 1.4 Sustainability Showcase

March 11th, 2020

1.4 asked Amelie Lambert, fresh from the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership, to highlight how filmmaking can open up our awareness with inspiring narratives. The world may be falling apart but it’s also a world of hope.

‘Tam Tam / Outside the Lines’, directed by Greg Hackett, highlights a systemic inequality, the power of community and the public’s voice well. Never underestimate the power of your own voice and actions. A sustainability expert said this “should be turned into a campaign for all the stateless children, and shown in all schools to children who don’t have this problem and who do not realise how valuable their opportunities are”.

Read the article here


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